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15 months of betrayal

20 April, 2009

I live in this country, and he was just studying here. We were close family friends, that's how we met.. at the time i was going through a bad relationship with my ex. and he was going through a rough patch with his then girlfriend as well.

we would always talk to each other, and seek each others advice, and soon in time we started falling for each other.. and then came our first date..

he made me smile the biggest smile, and he was so very nice to me. always knew how to make me happy.. and soon he graduated, and it was time for him to return home to his own country. so of course, you can guess the pain i went through.. but our love was saved, cause my parents were kind enough to let me go and be with him.. they paid for my air ticket, and i was away from them for 6 months.. and in that 6 months, i went through so much hell with my boyfriend's mother and my very own relatives..

the first aunt i went to stay with was a nightmare.. she never let me out the house, never let me see my boyfriend.. she thinks its a bad idea for a girl to see her loved one everyday.. kept me locked up in the house and blamed every wrong thing on me even though it wasn't my fault.. i cried myself to sleep for 3 months, feeling depressed and missing my family very much.. but i thought to myself "its ok, im here with my boyfriend and im doing this for him"..

that's what kept me strong.

but after 3 months of nightmarish reality, i decided that it was enough. so i went to live with my second aunt.. first two weeks was good, i had abit of freedom, got to go out though i had a curfue, but i didnt mind it because it was way past the time i would normally reach home.. i was allowed to use the home phone, the laptop, was allowed to watch what ever show i want.. it was heaven.. but soon in time, things died down and everything turned sour. till this day, i still dont know what i did wrong..

her husband stopped talking to me for a reason i dont know why, my cousin treated me with so much disrespect, calling me ugly names, her brother ignored me like as if i didnt exist.. and soon i wasnt allowed to eat anymore..

my aunt said "theres only enough food for my family".. so i went out for dinner instead.. the worst though was when she handed me a towel that she had already used to wipe the dirt off the floors and walls and let me use it to wipe my face.. i didnt know what she did till after i used it when she told me..

through out this whole 6 months of hell, not once my boyfriend stood by my side and comforted me.. his mother hates me, and all because i failed to make good conversation with her.. but hey i cant help it if im shy, and i know for a fact that i tried my very best.. she just wasnt pleased with my shyness. i tried to make her happy, i bought her a birthday gift worth 200$, i came over and she pushed me away, ignoring me not wanting to speak with me..

all my boyfriend could say was "you're not trying hard enough" and he got

angry at me for crying and feeling hurt.. i travelled 2 hours everyday by bus just to see him after work, spent an hour with him and then 2 hours back home, i waited 2 hours for him after work once, the longest i waited was 5 hours, i went all out for his birthday, took him to dinner at a 5star hotel, spent 200$ on dinner and 300$ presents. bought him nike shoes, watch and gave him a box full of memories. he said its the best birthday he's ever had..

soon 6 months came to an end and it was time for me to go home.. was away for 1 month when he decided to break up with me. his excuse was "my mum doesnt want us to be together".. i tried my best to change his mind, i called is parents and begged for their forgiveness but they just said no..

and then i found out, 2 weeks after breaking up with me, he got engaged..

i went through hell for 6 months for him, i suffered all the nightmares for him.. and in return all i get is a broken heart..

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