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10 months of heartache

07 November, 2008

My first love was everything I asked for, loving, kind hearted, corny but knew how to make me laugh. We loved each other but for some reasonhe didn't have trust. After just 3 months of going out I noticed some changes, he questioned everything i did. Whenever I ate, or went to the bathroom, it was getting out of hand, yet I loved him and it didn't bother me until... he started calling me a whore. I cried...and of course he'd say sorryfor calling me that,After time he started calling me a bitch and slut if i didn't respond to his ridiculousquestions. He knew I'd never cheat on him or do anything to harm our realtionship yet the name calling went on.After time it was a daliy routine ,i cried, he'd say he'd change(the routine went on). He even wrote me love notes from time to time. After months of disappointment and pain i started to grow weiry of his presents and just couldn't take the accusing anylonger. i started to scream yell and cry everytime he asked if anyone was over. i just couldn't understand why he would even ask these questions after 8 months of comitting to each other like we did.Before when we were close friends I could see the rest of my life with him and end our lives with"the Notebook." But that wasn't the case. Now ten months down the road i wonder if he wouldn't have or if i should have done something different, I'm only a junior in highschool but i had enough heartache for my lifetime.

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