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28 June, 2011

I looked at the wedding ring you bought me so many years ago. The memories flood back; I can still remember your squeal when you won at the slot machine and all excited you told me you wanted to buy me a ring and get married. You know that was the moment I was hopelessly in love with you! I know it has been such a long time but our love was so very strong and I love you as much today as I did that day. Our wedding day I must have shed a million tears since them I miss you so much! You needed space and freedom to grow on your own and you were so much younger than me. But now the difference in our ages does not seem so bad and you have grown into a wonderful mother and woman. Our love was so intense back in those days and a love that great; well I just donít think it goes away. Now that we are talking again you donít speak of how you feel towards me but in my heart I still believe the love you had for me is still there. You know I have the ability to see things that are future sometimes and I have seen so many times of us back together again this time forever. I have had many visions of you and your daughter with me having a wonderful life together. But there is major complications I could never hurt this wonderful woman that is my wife right now. I could not cheat on her or leave her I made her that promise the day we were married. But the visions have meaning I know and for the time being lets enjoy the friendship we are developing again living each day to the fullest that we can.

I love you both so very very much this deep secret is ripping me apart inside

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