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"Love Is The Difficult Realization That Something Other Than oneself Is Real"-Iris Murdoch

27 November, 2008

"Love Is The Difficult Realization That Something Other Than Oneself Is Real"

-Iris Murdoch

Why is this something that most people can't comprehend? Is being in love really that hard? It shouldn't be. I never asked for much of anything. I didn't like Birthdays and i thought that Christmas was for children and that i didn't care if i was considered too old. I never asked for flowers or anything like that. All that i ever asked for was to be loved and not be lied to. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently it is. WAY TO MUCH. The first time i loved someone as more than my best friend his name was Trevor and i was 13. I always knew that he was the one but i wasn't prepared for all the lies that he told. I wasn't prepared at how much i didn't know that real Trevor John. I knew it toward the end of our relationship. I never knew how much he had lied to me until i looked his straight in the eye and asked him about the ridiculous stories that had filled my life for almost 6 months. I was in love but with something more than i could handle. And i wasn't prepared for that. He broke my heart on September 14th. I cried all night long but at Midnight i promised myself that after 12:01 i would never shed a single tear over this wonderful puppet master. I never again put myself in the position of being loved again. I never wanted anyone to tell me that i was the first person that they loved. I never wanted to decide if my heart was worth selling to another boy. But that's when i broke a promise. I promised that i would never give my heart away but i did. And his name is Tyler he is tall and handsome. He is mysterious and very lovable. He gives me his "Tyler hugs" which is closer to a bear hug than to a human hug. His big arms wrap around me and fight all my fears away. He is wonderful in every way. I love him to death.

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